How to Prevent Tick Bites

Tick exposure during the summer is higher than during other times of the year. The summer months are the most active months for a tick. This happens to also be the time when the weather is great and we’re all outdoors enjoying life. If you want to prevent tick bites, the following information ensures the pest does not ruin your outdoor summer fun.

Understand What Ticks Look Like

The deer tick and dog tick are two of the most common types of ticks, but other species also exist. Familiarize yourself with ticks and their appearance so you can easily identify them if you encounter one outside.

Know Where Ticks Live

So many people assume that ticks are a danger in wooded areas only. The truth is, ticks hide in tall grass and can be in the backyard just as easily as they’re in the bushes in the hiking trail. Know where ticks live and you can take extra precaution when in these areas.

Use Tick Repellent

Treat clothing and gear with a tick repellent containing 0.5% permethrin. You can treat all camping gear with this product which keeps ticks away from you. It is an EPA-registered tick repellent.

Inspect When You Come Inside

Check pets for ticks when you come inside, but don’t stop there. Also check your belongings and person, especially your hair. Ticks love to hide in hair. If you spot a tick, remove it immediately.

Call Tick Pest Control

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Keep ticks out of your lawn at home by arranging to treat the home with residential tick control mechanicsville. Reasonably priced, tick control keeps this parasite off your property and out so there is one less worry on your mind. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind and extraordinaire protection.