The “Powerful” Benefits of Surge Protectors


Power surges can happen for many reasons, and at a moment’s notice. They can cause a lot of problems for the devices you have plugged into the wall if they’re not well protected. Your computers, televisions, video game consoles, and anything else plugged directly into a wall outlet could be damaged or fried if a freak lightning storm or power surge randomly occurred.

So, how do you protect your things from these issues? The answer is simple…surge protectors!

How Surge Protectors Work


Surge protectors look and function a lot like a normal power strip in that they are relatively inexpensive and add multiple outlets to your setup. The difference is, normal strips will not protect your devices in the event of a power surge.

In the event of a surge, surge protectors sense excessive voltage and use their semiconductors to divert the excessive electricity to the ground. This means none of that extra voltage is running into your devices, which could fry them if they weren’t protected.

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Here are some of the benefits that come with many surge protectors on the market today:

Surge protectors use levels of “joules” for protection


The more joules you see on the box, the better off your connected stuff will be. They can wear down over time, though, handling multiple tinier power surges, or one or two huge ones.


Some surge protector manufacturers offer warranties on connected devices

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Some companies that make surge protectors offer warranties on the devices connected to them. One of the best known companies, Belkin, offers customers a $300,000 “insurance policy” that promises to replace anything that might be fried if their surge protector fails to protect the device.


Some surge protectors offer USB ports as well


Some protectors might offer USB ports to protect your smartphone and tablet in the event of a surge.

If you aren’t taking advantage of surge protectors, you really have no reason not to be, for the sake of your expensive devices and your sanity. They can be found relatively cheap (sometimes as little as $20) and will give you peace of mind should something happen.