The World Of Digital Video

The world of entertainment has grown by leaps and bounds.  When we were first introduced to television and video we were only able to watch it on a small eight inch black and white screen that costs thousands of dollars.  Today, with the advancement in technology as well as people’s desire to create content, we now offer televisions and video on a modular led screen the size of old drive in movie screens.  That is pretty impressive.

modular led screen

With these large screens we can easily project videos, movies, live events and much more.  Since they are also modular, we can transport them wherever we want and as a result, give people unlimited access to express themselves.

With these screens comes the desire to create content.  Technology has given us all the ability to be the star of our own television and movies.  With digital cameras we can record ourselves doing anything we can think of.  With computer software and some drawing skills we can create our own animated videos.

With this technology advancement we are able to see unique creations from a varied array of sources.  Children can take their ideas and create unique content that helps keep them motivated in school.  Adults can use it to make money or even educate others.  It all boils down to creativity.

The final videos that can be created will look amazing on these large screens.  With higher depth and resolution, the largest possible images look clear, crisp and clean.

To create these videos, you first need to have an idea.  From this idea you need to do some concept sketches that allow you to visually see what it is you want to create.  From there you need to refine your ideas and then decide on a final concept. 

Designing, creating and building content to put on these screens is a passion and love.  Be creative and let your imagination run wild.