Tips For Protecting Your Data And Information

Information has become the leading industry on the planet.  It doesn’t matter what type of business you run or what type of things you are into, everything will have some form of data and information that will be managed.  What makes one set of data more important or vital than another is the importance of security. 

data capture software

As data and information grows and the need to gather even information is required, data capture software and other tools are becoming more popular and in demand.  The use of these tools can be used for good as well as for evil.  So, when presented with these tools make sure that they are controlled, the last thing you want to have happen is your data being breached.


Passwords are typically the main level of defense when it comes to your data.  When we password protect our documents, files and computers with a password it is a level of protection someone needs to go through in order to gain access.  The problem with a password is that it can be cracked.  Once cracked your password is useless.

Store remotely

The next level of protection is to store your data somewhere remotely.  This will be on a disk or a computer that isn’t connected to the Internet.  When we are removed from the Internet or other wired networks people won’t have a way to access the data unless they are physically on the machine and at the keyboard.

When we store the data remotely, we remove all access except for direct access.  Another way to store remotely is to have it printed out on paper, on a CD or DVD or even on an external hard drive.  The purpose of storing data away remotely is to prevent people from having access to it.  However, you won’t have remote access either unless it is on a secure, unknown network.