Why Electronic Door Locks Better Than Key Locks

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These days perhaps the question is useless to today’s kids. But perhaps you remember it well from when you were a young pup. Your mom or dad has deliberately kept that door locked. But as always, the curious or mischievous mind is able to retrieve the hidden key. But when that old key was placed into its keyhole, it was quite difficult for a small child to twist and turn and open a heavy lock. Today’s kids, on the other handÂ…

Well, there you go. If you have growing kids of your own, you’ll probably agree that they seemed to have conjured innate an ingenious ways and means to pull themselves out of any hole. But try this for size. Watch and see whether a brainy five-year-old is able to pry his way through an electronic door lock orlando installation. At that stage of his life, he would not have the strength to apply himself with tools from your garage.

The damage it would cause anyhow. And the noise he would make. Easily caught red-handed. Unless you happened to be away. Even so, what responsible adult leaves a young child all alone at night while out on the town. Hardly ever. Hardly never. Of course, today’s kids are pretty well clued up with computer gizmos and gadgets. The electronic door lock would have been powered to work with digital software.

Could this kid break into your gun safe while you’re not looking? Quite possibly. But how so if he does not have the password. How is he going to get access if the device is programmed only for your fingerprints or eye pupils? That’s up to you. You would need to keep that password and access hidden away in your own mind.